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Your Hub for Strategic Business Services and Top-tier Talent Solutions

We are a team of North America-based career entrepreneurs who have joined forces to help startups and small businesses like ourselves thrive!


We do this by offering exceptional fractional Executive Assistant, Chief Operating Officer, bookkeeping, and social media management support services. Our Talent Bureau specializes in providing professional speaker services that help to build brands and get individuals connected to opportunities.

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Powell Prosperity offers a full spectrum of business services and talent connections for clients.

Fractional Executive Assistant at her desk, using her laptop to support a client.

Unlock your full potential with our fractional executive assistant services. We handle time-consuming tasks like scheduling and communication, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most in your business, boosting your productivity and paving the way for success.

Operational Planning

Maximize your business efficiency with our fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) services. We streamline operations, optimize strategies, and tackle key challenges, empowering you to focus on your business's core objectives and achieve unparalleled success.

A speaker shares with a crowd.

Transform your speaking engagements with our talent management bureau. We strategically support speakers in organization and outreach, ensuring your message resonates effectively, maximizing your impact on diverse audiences.

Financial Management on a laptop with Powell Prosperity Fractional Bookkeeping.

Fractional Bookkeeper

An image with various social media posts.

Fractional Social Media Manager

Elevate your financial management with our fractional bookkeeping services. We handle the numbers, ensure accuracy, and streamline your financial processes, giving you the freedom to concentrate on growing your business without worrying about accounting complexities.

Supercharge your online presence with our fractional social media manager services. We curate compelling content, engage your audience, and strategize to elevate your brand across platforms, allowing you to harness the power of social media without the hassle.

Our Story

Powell Prosperity was born out of a desire to help improve the lives of others. Founder Jenn Powell worked 10 years in Social Services while keeping Entrepreneurial side hustles always on the go. Busy was a way of life. That way of life quickly headed down the burnout road. Which is when the decision was made to dedicate business to help others avoid that same road.

By Partnering with Powell Prosperity as a CEO or Management team, you can rid yourself of menial tasks, delegate the the things that don't bring you joy, and get your time back to focus on yourself, your family, and your goals.

Jennifer Powell, Founder of Powell Prosperity sits in a large windowsill looking off into the distance.
"Busy was a way of life. That way of life quickly headed down the burnout road. Which is when the decision was made to dedicate business to help others avoid that same road."

Success Stories



"Jennifer has been supporting The Leadership Program since April 2019. In these past 8 months, she has rocked all her duties with ferocity. Jenn is consistent with her follow through. She is willing to know the ins and outs of the business so that she can ensure that her multiple tasks are completed– be it prepping supporting documentation, collections, ensuring data integrity. And she also looks at ways to improve our current systems and makes suggestions on them. Jenn is a great balance of tough love. She is so easy to work with. I’m grateful to have her on the team."

Some of Our Happy Clients

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