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Integrated Business Solutions & Support Services

Our team offers a range of services and expert guidance to empower your business and help you take your time back.

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Our Services

Every company is unique in its needs. In most scenarios, you won’t even know ALL of the areas you need support with until after a Systems Audit. Generally speaking, during your first 1-3 months of analysis and implementation you can expect an adjustment of need.


** Services listed below, include only some of our offerings.

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Administrative Services

Electronic Filing
Document Management
Email Managment
Travel Planning
CRM Management

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Financial Management

Tax tracking
Bill Payments
Expense Tracking

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Social Media Management

Content Scheduling
Account set up
Monthly Planning
Community Engagement
Transcription Services

Systems Audit

With a Systems Audit, we will analyze the programs, processes, and systems currently used by your company. Working with you on identifying your goals, and breaking those down into actionable steps, to creating a custom game plan for your individual company. Complete with SOP creation, System recommendations, and milestone planning.

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Our Clients

Our Story

Powell Prosperity was born out of a desire to help improve the lives of others. Founder Jenn Powell worked 10 years in Social Services while keeping Entrepreneurial side hustles always on the go. Busy was a way of life. That way of life quickly headed down the burnout road. Which is when the decision was made to dedicate business to help others avoid that same road.

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"Busy was a way of life. That way of life quickly headed down the burnout road. Which is when the decision was made to dedicate business to help others avoid that same road."

Our Packages

Monthly Retainer

Do you have regular work you need support with on an ongoing basis? Do you want the comfort of knowing you have someone in your corner when you need it?

One-Time Project

Ideal for those who have a big launch or new project coming and need some extra support for planning, organizing and execution.

Flex Package

Do you need help in more than one area of business? We can flex a full-time package between team members, so you have a dedicated staff person for each area of need.

Budget Friendly

For those who have a scattered to do list and limited budget. Get a specified number of hours per month and prioritize the task list.

Success Stories



“Partnering with Jenn has been one of the best business decisions I have made to date.  Her high-quality of work and level of caring for each and everyone of our clients is out of this world.  Her skills with setting up correct procedures and processes for our clients makes us stand out as the strategic business partners we really are.  I would not hesitate to refer Jenn to anyone looking for assistance levelling up their own business.”



Jennifer has been supporting The Leadership Program since April 2019. In these past 8 months, she has rocked all her duties with ferocity. Jenn is consistent with her follow through. She is willing to know the ins and outs of the business so that she can ensure that her multiple tasks are completed– be it prepping supporting documentation, collections, ensuring data integrity. And she also looks at ways to improve our current systems and makes suggestions on them. Jenn is a great balance of tough love. She is so easy to work with. I’m grateful to have her on the team.

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